Established 1950

A Reliable Excavating Contractor Company

G.S. Redlon & Sons, Inc. is a family owned and operated excavating contractor business that was established in 1950 by George S. Redlon. His son Paul M. Redlon took over the business after his passing in 1977. Paul Carried on the family name and the virtues of hard work, loyalty and trust. Currently employed by the business are Paul’s sons George S. Redlon, Michael P. Redlon and daughter Stacey A. Redlon.

Being an excavating contractor tends to be an unappreciated job, since we are usually done and gone before the first nail is driven. After a new roadway is paved, everyone tends to forget all the hard work and planning beforehand.

G.S. Redlon & Sons, Inc. offers our customers a variety of services, from commercial to residential. Your home is your piece of this world, and we get satisfaction in helping you accomplish your projects of any size. Our company has employees that are willing to help, whether you are an everyday customer, or just someone looking for direction. The men in the field are among the best at their positions. They work tirelessly to turn out a good product each time, and they are willing to do extra to satisfy our customers. We work for the name on the door, and to give our customers the highest quality of work in our field.